GAFY Kontribution™ Program

GAFY Kontribution Program GAFY Kontribution Program is a series of projects that supports local youth in the United States and the Caribbean through the building and rehabilitation of sports facilities and playgrounds.

GAFY recently completed a year -long project in Nassau, Bahamas to rehabilitate the National Youth Boxing
Center. We began our efforts in the mid-2017, in partnership with the recreational sports division of the Bahamian Olympic Committee and the U.S. Embassy. The
initial work on the exterior of the building was done by students from Virginia Tech and Clemson University alumni (and family’s) in August 2017. New equipment
was delivered and then assembled by former student-athletes from Clemson University, Georgia Tech, University of Texas-El Paso, and the University of North Carolina in March 2018. The project was completed by students from The Citadel and local volunteers April 2018.

The GAFY 4C’s Youth Empowerment Program is designed to empower youth in the U. S. and the Caribbean by providing a path to achieve their dreams through athletics. Whether it be learning basic skills at a youth camp, building more advanced skills at a clinic, showcasing their skills for possible college scholarship opportunities at a combine, or understanding the process for being a
(successful) collegiate student-athlete at the collegiate level at one of our conferences; our goal is the same; to provide them with opportunities to succeed. As well as hosting our own camp, clinics and combines each year, we support
selected schools to provide funding for exceptional student-athletes that are economically disadvantaged to attend camps, clinics, and combines at their local
college or university.

1. Camps: Our camps are multi-day events that provide an opportunity for youth to interact with college student-athletes to gain the motivation they need to succeed in future endeavors. These events provide a laid-back opportunity for youth to exemplify their talents as well as to learn to “play smart.” The key to our camps is to teach game mentality through scrimmages, target days and drills.

2. Clinics: Our clinics are designed to work on specific needs of each youth athlete and to make sure that they leave our programs better prepared for the next level. Clinics are generally 2-4 hours long. Participants are evaluated then assigned to sessions tailored to their needs. 


3. Combines: Our goal is to provide U.S. collegiate exposure for youth in the U.S. and the Caribbean that, due to their circumstances, are not invited to or cannot attend a traditional combine. For example, there are no combines that take place on the Caribbean Islands; therefore, despite the amount of athletic talent, NCAA schools do not heavily recruit from there. GAFY’s 4C’s program is designed to provide an opportunity for these youth to showcase their talent so that they can live their dreams and get a quality education.

4. Conferences: Our conferences are held in the Caribbean and the U.S. to provide an open forum for youth to learn more about the collegiate opportunities
and to ask questions about what it is like to be an athlete at the collegiate level. For our international conferences we also provide information directly from the NCAA and the U.S. Consulate on the requirements for attending U.S. based colleges and universities as a student athlete. At our most recent event GAFY (in concert with the U.S. Embassy, and our former student-athlete mentors from Clemson University, Georgia Tech, University of Texas-El Paso, Vanderbilt University, University of Alabama, and the University of North Carolina) met with and participated in events with over two-hundred children in New Providence
(Bahamas), making a lasting and profound impact on their lives.

4C's Program


Achievement Program

The GAFY Collegiate Achievement Program (CAP) is comprised of two distinct facets. The first facet is the Student Chapters affiliated with GAFY, which provide an outlet for collegians to reach out to their local community, involve alumni with our mission and continue to make an impact on youth through sports. Students meet regularly to discuss ideas for student projects, fundraisers and plan for their
voluntourism abroad as part of our Konrtibution™ program. Interaction between students and local youth is done through the completion of service projects such as sports clinics, speaking engagements, equipment drives and partnerships (with organizations such as Girls on the Run and Special Olympics) as well as
rehabilitation of facilities. The second facet is the GAFY Grant, which funds several scholarships in cooperation with specific universities for those individuals that are passionate about community service, academics and athletics. This program supports scholarships and stipends for our partner universities through
their respective Athletic Booster Organizations, and Alumni Associations.

1. The Athletic Booster Organizations Scholarship is named after an Academic All-American from the respective school and is awarded by the school’s booster club to an NCAA student-athlete.

2. The GAFY Athlete Advisor Scholarship is named after a former studentathlete currently serving as an advisor to GAFY from the respective school and is awarded by the school’s letterman’s club to an NCAA student-athlete.

3. The Alumni Associations Scholarship is named after a notable former minority student-athlete from the respective school and awarded by the school’s Alumni Association to a student involved in athletics or majoring in a related field. GAFY Collegiate Achievement.

4. The GAFY Lee-Wyllie Founders Scholarship is provided for an economically disadvantaged student-athlete studying entrepreneurship/business, communications or sports management. The stipend is named after Darnell Lee and Anthony Wyllie, who founded GAFY, and served as the inaugural Board Members of GAFY.


5. The Student Chapter Presidents Stipend is provided for GAFY Student Chapter President stipend at each student chapter.

6. GAFY Student Chapters each receive funding for organization expenses and to conduct projects with youth in their local area that may include but not limited to:
a) Sports Clinics: Hosting of local youth groups on campus to conduct a clinic.
b) Equipment & Shoe Drives: Setting up drop off locations around campus to collect donated equipment or shoes. Donated items are given to support the local community and shipped to the Caribbean.
c) Speakers: Partner with the local athletic department to have one of the school’s well-known athletes to provide empowerment and motivation them.
d) Facilities: Students work with surrounding counties to their campus that oversees recreation to help improve the conditions of the equipment.
e) Participation in Other Non-Profit Events: Students volunteer as an organization to help operations or coaching at events like Special Olympics and Girls on the Run.

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